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I have recently retired from the daily grind of being a Realtor, still do some consulting though. I do remember back in the early 2000’s, sorry its weird to say that, but way back when I went to work for a Real Estate brokerage that offered me daily leads, so I thought why not, well it changed the way I worked for sure. See they had a long keyword domain name, it was something like Riverside Real Estate for Sale, but they had the number one spot on google, their website was as simple as it could be, reminded me of a white school paper with very little to no color at all, but it produced leads, I was getting between 10 and 20 leads per day from this little website with the right keywords.

It took me a few years to gain my momentum but I purchased a lot of different domain names, some many years ago, some recently, all of which I could see a website that would bring Realtors traffic, and that’s very important to a Realtor. The old days of knocking on doors, to get clients is slowing being replaced by more tech savvy Realtors using the internet.

I am offering my real estate domain names for sale, but on top of that I would be more than happy to help guide a Realtor in the right direction with that domain name, so they can take advantage of my 25 years of experience in the business.

The domain names are not listed in any order, just click on the one you like the most and it will take you to the sales page, now because I know times are tough and things are very uncertain, we have adapted and are offering several different payment options, first and foremost cash is always king, but if you are a little strapped, we offer a monthly lease, a lease with an option to purchase, or of payment options to help get you started.

I know get to the Domain Names, here you go:

www.5DiamondRentals.com   www.ApartmentforRent.info   www.ApexApartment.com   www.Apple1RealEstate.com    www.Apple1Realty.com   www.AppleOneRealty.com    www.AvoidForeclosureinCorona.com   www.BargainProperties.info   www.CoronaListings.com   www.CoronaLoanmod.com   www.CoronaLoanmodHelp.com   www.Corona-RealEstate.com   www.CoronaRealEstateBlog.com   www.CoronaRealEstateHelp.com   www.CoronaRealEstateMarket.com   www.CoronaShortSaleBlog.com   www.DirectoryforRealEstate.com   www.HomeAppraisals.org   www.HomesforRent.info   www.ISOHomes.com   www.IsolatedHomes.com  

Some of my personal favorites with the above domain names are CoronaListings.com, HomeAppraisals.org, and I would have to say IsolatedHomes.com. Ok here are some more domain names for you to consider.

www.IsthisPropertyforSale.com  www.ListedbyKellerWilliams.com www.ListedbyKW.com  www.LocateRealEstateAgents.com  www.LuxembourgEstate.com  www.LuxembourgRentals.com  www.NewportBeachRealEstateMarket.com  www.OceanFrontProperties.info  www.Oregon-REO.com  www.PurchasingaHouse.com  www.RealtyVesters.com  www.RiversideHomeValues.com  www.RiversideRealEstateMarket.com

I like ListedbyKW.com, PurchasingaHouse.com, and RealtyVesters.com from the above domain names, for purchasingahouse.com I can see a simple informative website all about purchasing a house, what to expect, the highs and lows of home ownership. ListedbyKW.com would make a perfect website of all of Keller Williams listings in every state, with a simple lead capture form, it will bring in leads. Ok here are some more domain names to pick from.

www.SalemListings.com  www.SalemLoanModification.com  www.Salem-MLS.com  www.Salem-Oregon-Foreclosures.com  www.SalemOregonRealty.com  www.SalemOregonREO.com  www.SalemOregonShortSales.com  www.SalemRealEstateHelp.com  www.SalemRealEstateMarket.com www.SalemShortSaleHelp.com  www.Salem-Short-Sales.com  www.Section8.homes  www.SellingRealEstate.info  www.UsedLuxuryHomes.com  www.ValueReality.com  www.HouseSources.com  www.HouseSurge.com and last but not least www.PropertyClosures.com 

My favorites from the list above are SalemListings.com, UsedLuxuryHomes.com, and Section8.homes, I can see so much potential with all these domain names. We put prices on all these domains, but we expect to receive offers and are not offended by any offer within reason.

Choose your favorite domain name and let’s create a money machine for your Real Estate business.

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