Cybersecurity Fundamentals to Protect Your Business

Cybercriminals worldwide work to erase or steal data, shut down computers and systems, and infect company networks and devices with viruses. They also try to publish private customer and company information and take over social media accounts.

Every day, these criminals are succeeding in their attacks on businesses of all sizes. It’s critical to grasp the threats and protect your company from falling victim to these attacks. Below, Smart Choice Domains shares six fundamentals of cybersecurity as a business or entrepreneur.

Understand the Threats     

The first step is to learn about the different threats that could impact your business while also understanding how much and what kinds of data your company has. Without knowing your data, there’s no way to know how to protect it from criminals.

Some of the most common attacks on businesses include malware and adware, which are software designed to damage computers, servers, and networks. Adware often reveals itself in pop-up ads, while malware is a broad category including spyware, ransomware, viruses, and worms.

You’ll also want to protect your company from social engineering, bad bots, phishing, and brute force attacks. Take time to research all the potential threats so that you can plan accordingly.

Once you understand your data and the potential threats, develop a recovery plan your team can execute in the event of an attack. A good plan will direct each team member during the recovery efforts, define your time objectives, show your team which programs and apps to prioritize, and more. You can learn more about how to protect your business's data by searching "what is a cyber threat?" online.

Use Data Encryption

Hackers have more difficulty stealing, tampering with, and destroying encrypted data. Install a proxy that encrypts your data and provides online anonymity. This will prevent hackers from being able to see or track your team's online activities, ultimately securing your data.

Monitor Your Employees   

It's critical to track your employees' online activities when they're on the job. Consider restricting access to all non-essential websites, and make sure each team member keeps their devices in a secure location when not using them. You’ll also want to evaluate all work-related USBs or hard drives and ensure that no one uses public Wi-Fi networks to conduct business activities.

Train Your Employees

Each of your team members should know the basics of cybersecurity so they can play their role in protecting company and customer data. It’s also crucial to keep your team updated about any threats to the company. Many vulnerabilities among businesses come from the inside, and training your employees to identify threats and respond accordingly will go a long way in maintaining your digital fortress.

Get the Right Tools     

Finally, make sure your team has all the tools they need to keep data secure. The first step is to invest in antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam solutions. Also, uninstall any software or extensions you're not using, and back up all of your data through a secure cloud service.

Moreover, consider initiating multi-factor authentication (MFA), and show your team how to create strong, complex passwords to keep hackers at bay. Remember that any upfront costs of cybersecurity tools and services can pay off by protecting your business from the devastating consequences of an attack.


Technology yields plenty of benefits for businesses of all sizes. But it’s critical to understand how your company is vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

Consider the information and advice above as you create and implement a recovery and protection plan among your team. Make sure your employees know how to fulfill their roles. And don’t hesitate to invest in any tools and services that bolster your digital fortress.

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