Smart Choice Domains was created from a personal need to provide a platform that would offer a place to sell domain names that were worth more than the auction style on ebay or flippa but are not good enough to be represented by the big brokers where you must give up 20% of your sale.

We started buying and selling domain names in the late 90’s not knowing much about the industry at all, some days it feels like we just started, as the industry keeps changing and evolving. We are always learning so we can continue to help our customers.

We consider our specialty to be domains valued between $250.00 and $5,000.00, of course that does not limit us to just those values as you can see from some of current listings. We even have a bargain bin, for domains under $250.00.

Something special that we offer, that we think is new in the market place is a lease with option to buy, rather than a straight lease, the buyer could own the domain name after meeting the lease with option terms. We also accept straight leases, cash/credit, make an offer, and of course buy now options.

If you want a quick sale, we do buy domains at wholesale pricing, but we recommend just listing your domain on our site and let our marketing department take over to sell your domain for the best possible pricing.

Our Mission

Is to provide a simple, easy, and affordable platform to buy, sell, or lease domain names, providing quick and consistent customer service, while maintaining our integrity.

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