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How to Make Your Website Stand Out

The world runs on the web, and your small business is no different. However, if you are new to the world of digital real estate, then it pays to know a bit about how to make your website stand out above the competition before you get started. Today’s tips can help lay a solid foundation […]

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Why It’s Important to Monitor Your Website Performance

Do you monitor your website performance? If not, you’re missing out on some very important insights! Regular website monitoring is important for maintaining steady cash flow, keeping your customers happy, avoiding technical issues, safeguarding your reputation, and growing your business. Keep tabs on the health of your website so you can fix issues before they […]

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100 + WordPress Statistics (The Complete Picture) – 2020

WordPress Statistics Infographic

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How Much Does It Actually Cost to Set Up a WordPress Website?

WordPress software is free — and open-source at that. Anyone can go to and download the latest version in order to manage, post, and publish on the web. This is a huge part of why WordPress now powers over 30% of the entire internet! But if WordPress is free, you may be wondering, then […]

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How to Add CDN to WordPress Website

Nowadays websites have become more dynamic and richer in content which can increase the initial load time when browsed from another side of the world. The average page site according to GTMetrix is 2.9MB. But as you might know, slower sites are a big NO when it comes to overall user-experience, SEO and Google rankings. […]

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