The Simple & Easy way to Sell your Domains

Do you have a great domain name you would love to Sell? Take advantage of our market place and experience to Sell your domains fast and for top dollar.
  • We do the listings for you. So, you have nothing to do or worry about.
  • Easy and secure transfer process.
  • Free domain transfer service
  • Top position for your domain on our Homepage, giving it the best strategic location to get buyers attention.
  • Every domain is valued and analyzed at no cost.
  • Low selling commission 10%
  • Affordable listing fees.

We mainly focus on creative and brandable names based on strong dictionary words and must be applicable to several different business types.

Cool and classic exact or partial match domains can also be approved with two words up to 12-15 characters if both words are spelled correctly.

Submit your domains for approval, its FREE!

Our charge is only 10% of the sales price for all successful sales, 90% net is yours.

Note that your commission amount covers the payment processing fees, currency conversions, fraudulent transactionsverifications and all the work behind making sure your name is seen by potential buyers and investors.


We can pay you using PayPal or Please note for payments on sold names there is a 4-5 day waiting period for the payment to process after the name is transferred to the buyer.

Payment Fees are covered by us from the 10% commission we take.

Our domain names for sale are already registered at, some at,,, Namecheap, Dynadot & NetworkSolutions (all accredited companies by ICANN).

The transfer can take between 1 to 7 days depending on the registrar where the domain is registered, and the registrar that you want to use.

In order to transfer the domain fast right after your purchase, we recommend using the same registrar where the domain currently resides.

In certain cases, if the domain name has a registrar lock on it due to a whois update, can’t be transferred to a different registrar for 60 days, but we can still transfer to the same registrar. Just ask ahead to be sure it isn’t under any lock to prevent any unnecessary delays.

Sorry, but we do not allow this, for good reason though. By listing your domain name with Smart Choice Domains, you are agreeing to have us as the exclusive seller. We work extremely hard to get your Domain name in front of potential buyers and get you top dollar for your domain.

At Smart Choice Domains, we ensure domain acquisition inexpensively as possible and we target buyers in all industries to maximize the value of each domain name.

There can be lots of stresses involved in selling domains through the typical market. Endless processing time, lack of good support and indefinite time in receiving payments and many more but, we simply want the easiest way to sell your domain names.

We take pricing seriously and evaluate many factors before we accept domain names. We ensure every domain is paid for, before any transfer begins. We protect our customers from potential issues when selling or buying domain names.

There is a onetime listing fee if your Domain Name is approved.

Domain Name Listing Fee’s:

1          Domain         $2.95

2-10    Domains         $9.95

11-25 Domains         $14.95

26-50 Domains         $19.95

You can also choose to have your domain listing featured on our site for an additional fee of $4.95 per domain per month.

The first step is simply applying as a seller to have your domains reviewed and listed on our platform using the submission form.

Approved listings are generally published between 2 to 3 days and your domain(s) can be seen and purchased by the buyers.

Once we sell a domain, we verify the order(s), keep the funds in escrow and then we will provide all the steps you need to take for transferring the domain(s) to the buyer.

When we have the payment as well as the domain in our control, then we will proceed to transfer the domain to the client (buyer), once complete, your payment will be released.

After your domain submission has been approved and you’ve paid your listing fee, we ask you to forward /redirect your domain to the sales page of your domain on Smart Choice Domains in order to verify you are the owner of the domain.

Domain forwarding process differs with each registrar (godaddy etc) but, we will be with you through the whole domain redirecting process.

We place only quality domain names for sale. We take interest in brandable, short names and their price to be affordable for investors. Our target is to sell domains fast by delivering quality service.

We work hard to provide a user-friendly domain marketplace and generate traffic for every domain listed.

Follow these simple rules for a smooth and secure transaction:

  • It is important that you always complete your transaction once your domain is sold. We can cancel the account of any seller who fails to complete an approved transaction.
  • We rule against the publicity of our sales information on other marketplace or websites. Description or price of any domain listed or sold on Smart Choice Domains should not be published on any website, business or personal use except with our approval and consent.
  • When placing a domain on Smart Choice Domains for sale, all sellers must consent to update any information relating to their domain.
  • Expired domains must be reported to be removed from the sales page.

All information between buyer and seller will be kept confidential and no information will be used for any other purpose.

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