Good News for Plugin Profit Site Members

Five years after it was started by Stone Evans, the Plugin Profit Site is still going strong. As a matter of fact, it is better than ever. In this article we will look at a couple reasons why the PIPS program is continuing to thrive while other home business opportunities have gone by the wayside.

1. You get your own website, customized with your own domain name and affiliate program IDs. This is the backbone of the program as it provides home business seekers a way to establish an online presence.

The nice thing about this website is you control everything about it. You can change the color, programs on it, text, font size, banners, and so on. Unlike most replicated affiliate marketing websites this website is yours to do with what you want.

2. You get your own pre-written e-mail marketing newsletter programmed into an auto responder and written as though it was done by you. Because building an e-mail marketing list is so important to making money online this is a huge benefit.

You can purchase co-registration leads and have them imported into your auto responder and you can get subscribers through an online form on your website. Either way your goal is to build as large of a quality mailing list as possible.

3. The training that accompanies the Plug in Profit site is fantastic. It contains 47 online newbie videos that teach you virtually everything you need to know about how to do things online.

There is also access to the Plugin Profit Site forum where you can hang out with other members and learn how to build your business. You can ask questions and even get involved by answering them too.

4. Stone is always looking for new ways to improve this program. He has announced that he will be trying out various business opportunities. This is good news for the members because as he finds programs that are successful for him, he will be able to share them so that other people can increase their income as well.

5. There is no charge to start your own Plugin Profit Site. You do have to pay for website hosting and that contains an affiliate program where you can earn your money back with it as well. They also offer a customer service department where you can e-mail questions and get personal replies.

Things appear to be set up very strong for the Plugin Profit site program this year. It is a great way to learn about Internet marketing as well as to start making money for yourself.

I personally do not make a penny if you click on the Plugin Profit Site, but you are going to need a great domain name at some point in your business endeavors, shopping now and building your business around your domain name or you could try and find a domain name built around your business, I know from past mistakes its cheaper to build around the domain name. Smart Choice Domains has a great selection of aged domains at realistic pricing, always remember everything is negotiable.

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