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I purchased eyeoils.com about 5 years ago thinking that one day I would start a simple blog or eCommerce shop about eye oils, and do some reviews, however I know nothing about eye oils, so with everything going on in the world today and so many people being home and potentially facing unemployment, I have been trying to figure out a way that I could help in my own little way.

Let’s start a simple eye oil business today, are you ready? My idea is to create a simple WordPress blog talking about the importance of using eye oils daily and how do you chose the right product for you, as so many people have different skin types, some need a tightener, some might what to get rid of wrinkles, like I said before not my field but you get the idea. You can easily add some Amazon, Mary Kay, or Avon products, so many different products out there that you can offer your new customers.

The positives to this business are many, but just to name a few, small niche product with high profit margins, which in turn means higher commissions for you. Lots of add on products to expand your business, cleaners, wipes, I think you get the idea of where I am going.

With everyone wearing masks and such how important are the eyes now, for me its always been the eye’s that made the first impression, so I believe that this business is a hit, and long term easy to run and manage, even if you end up going back to work.

So here is how I can help you start this business today, obviously I can’t build the website for you or do all the work, but I can help to guide you in the right direction as inexpensive as possible, to know me is to know I do not like to part with my money, and I can assume you don’t either. Please understand its not free to start an online business, but the key is keeping the expenses as low as possible, and I do have some experience with that part, as I have been working in WordPress now for about 5 plus years and have learned a lot from trial and error, so I can assist with minimizing the error parts.

The biggest part in buying your online Real Estate is the Domain Name EyeOils.com, which we can all agree is a very valuable name if your selling eye oils. The Domain Name is currently retailing for $19,200.00 which does not make it easy to start a bootstrapped business, so we are discounting the domain name and offering several different terms to help you get going right away. Discounted cash price will be $997.00, or you could do four payments of $300.00, or you could Lease to Own the domain for $150.00 down and $150.00 per month for twelve months, than you own it out right, or your last option would be to lease the Domain Name for $75.00 per month for as long as you operate and manage your business.

Included in this I would also offer email support up to 3 hours per month depending on your purchase plan. Let’s get started today so we can make some money tomorrow.

If you have any questions, please reach out by leaving a comment or you can send us an email to info@smartchoicedomains.com

Thank you

Richard G.

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