How to Fix the “WordPress Keeps Logging Out” Problem (8 Methods)

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) online, with an approximated 62% of the CMS market share. In spite of this, it isn’’ t ideal and can set off some problems. You might require to deal with the ““ WordPress keeps logging out ” issue.


Fortunately, there are lots of methods to guarantee that being instantly logged out doesn’’ t occur so typically. You can fix the issue by attempting different possible options, such as clearing caches and disabling plugins. It can be a long procedure, however ultimately, you can learn what is triggering the problem.

In this short article, we’’ ll take a look at the most typical reasons WordPress keeps logging out. We’’ ll check out 8 techniques you can utilize to fix the problem. Let’’ s get going!

.Why WordPress Keeps Logging Out.

WordPress needs you to enter your username and password when you wish to access your site’’ s control panel. This system avoids unidentified users from reaching your site and possibly taking your information .

However, when dealing with your site, you’’ ll most likely wish to keep your administrator control panel open. It can end up being discouraging to continuously sign in to access your material if WordPress keeps logging you out.

There are different reasons WordPress may log you out, such as:

.Cookies with out-of-date info Cached files with old information A poorly set up WordPress website address Faulty plugins or style files.

We’’ ll address each possible cause for the ““ WordPress keeps logging out ” issue in our walkthrough. We’’ ll likewise check out repairs for each situation.

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.How to Fix the ““ WordPress Keeps Logging Out ” Problem (8 Methods).

There are numerous methods to repair the ““ WordPress keeps logging out ” issue. We ’ ll start by attending to the simplest ones and work our method approximately the more intricate approaches.

.1. Clear Your Browser’’ s Cookies.

You can begin by clearing all of the existing WordPress-related cookies from your web browser. Cookies save details from previous web browser sessions, such as login information and individual information. If they hold onto out-of-date information, they can set off the logging out mistake.

The procedure is comparable with all significant internet browsers . We will reveal you how to do it in Chrome.

Go to the WordPress website URL in concern, and click the padlock icon to the left of the URL bar. You will then see a little box appear.

 Clearing internet browser cookies for a specific website.

As you can see, the web browser states there are 19 cookies kept in the internet browser for this domain. To eliminate them, click Cookies, and you will see another popup box.

 Viewing cookies in usage for a site in your web browser.

Highlight the domains displayed in the Allowed box and click Remove at the bottom. When the domains vanish, choose Done to conserve your modifications.

Now reboot your internet browser and attempt logging into WordPress once again. A brand-new cookie will be set if you click the Remember Me box.

To discover the length of time up until Chrome ends the cookie, simply go to the Settings menu once again. You can access it by clicking the 3 vertical dots in the top-right corner of your internet browser.

 Accessing web browser settings with Google Chrome.

In the settings, click Privacy and Security in the left-hand sidebar. On the right-hand side, you will then see a choice called Cookies and other website information. Select it.

 Accessing web browser personal privacy and security settings in Google Chrome.

Scroll down the page till you see ““ See all cookies and website information. ” Click on it.

.  Seeing all cookies and website information in Google Chrome internet browser settings.

You ’ ll now get a list of all the cookies on your computer system. Utilize the search box on top to discover the one you ’ re searching for. Simply enter the domain, and Chrome will reveal you what it has in storage.

.  Clearing all cookies and website information in the Google Chrome web browser settings.

Click on the very first outcome, and you ’ ll get a list of each cookie. Select the cookie name and scroll down right to the extremely bottom, where you will see the expiration date.

.  Viewing the cookie expiration date in Google Chrome.

As you can see, this cookie stands for simply over 3 months. It even consists of the expiration time, so you understand when your cookie will require a replacement.


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.2. Clear Your Browser ’ s Cache.

If the logging out issue continues, it ’ s time to inspect your cache. A cache is a conserved variation of a site. Your internet browser utilizes this approach to keep details so pages will fill faster when you next go to the website.


However, if the page is cached in the web browser together with an ended cookie, it will likely keep logging you out. You ’ ll requirement to clear out the kept details.

Again, clearing a cache is extremely comparable with all significant web browsers, so we will concentrate on the most popular choice: Chrome. Go’to Chrome ’ s settings by clicking the 3 vertical dots in the leading right corner of the internet browser.


When the menu falls, select More Tools> Clear Browsing Data.

.  Clearing web browser information in Google Chrome.

Choosing Clear Browsing Data raises this box:

.  Clearing cached images and files in Google Chrome.

Tick Cached images and files and click Clear information. When package vanishes, reboot your internet browser. As you can see, you can likewise eliminate the internet browser cookies utilizing this approach.


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. 3. Inspect Your Browser Settings.

The logging out issue can likewise originate from your internet browser settings. If your web browser forces cookies to end, it will forget your login info. It will need you to log back in constantly.


You ’ ll requirementto reaccess your internet browser settings as you carried out in the primary step of this tutorial. Browse to Settings> Privacy and Security> Cookies and other website information. Here, you can see if any cookies are obstructed or made it possible for.

.  General settings for cookies in Google Chrome.

For example, you can see cookies are handicapped throughout Incognito mode in our web browser. There are likewise Block third-party cookies and Block all cookies alternatives. They might be interfering with your WordPress session and logging you out if either of these are allowed.


If this holds true, choose Allow all cookies by clicking the button beside it. Now your internet browser will conserve the cookie for your WordPress login session.

. 4. Clear Your WordPress Site ’ s Cache.

If you ’ re utilizing a WordPress caching plugin , this add-on might be at fault. It might be saving an obsoleted variation of your website, setting off the “ WordPress keeps logging out ” issue.

Site caches can be convenient to have, specifically if you’have a high-traffic site. Still, they have the prospective to cause issues down the line .


If you have a website caching option set up, there is normally a choice in the WordPress control panel to clear the cache with one click. It beings in the leading menu and normally states Delete Cache. [a] [b] [d] (Note: If you are utilizing the Proxy Cache Purge plugin, you will likewise see this alternative, however erasing its cache will not repair the logging out concern. )

.  The Delete Cache button in the WordPress admin control panel.

Once you click this button, WordPress will direct you to your caching plugin.You can then click Delete Cache or the particular control button for your software application.


The plugin might likewise ask you to verify your option or select particular cache aspects to purge. You can clear all of the saved products. It will immediately produce a brand-new cache when you refill your WordPress website.


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. 5.Double-Check Your WordPress Site Address.

In your WordPress website settings( under General), you can set the website URL to either “ http://www.yourdomain.com” or “ http://yourdomain.com”. Some individuals choose not having “ www ” prior to their domain for branding factors or to make their URLs much easier to type.

.  The WordPress address” URL “and website address URL.

However “, if” these 2 addresses wear ’ t match, WordPress might see the inconsistency and log you out by default. You ’ ll requirement to fix the problem to avoid the “ WordPress keeps logging out ” issue.


To repair the disparity, you ’ ll requirement to modify your wp-config. php text file. This file consists of crucial details for your WordPress site, such as its database connection information.


You can access this file utilizing a Secure File Transfer Protocol( SFTP) customer . Among the most popular choices is the totally free FileZilla program . If you ’ re a DreamHost client, you can likewise utilize our safe and secure WebFTP program .


Start your SFTP customer and try to find the wp-config. php file. You can discover it in the root directory site of your domain.


Open the file and paste the following code into it. You ’ ll wish to switch out the example text for your own domain:

. specify’(' WP_HOME', 'http://example.com' ); specify(' WP_SITEURL',' http://example.com');.

Now conserve the file and close your SFTP customer. After that, you can return to your WordPress control panel to inspect if the issue is fixed.


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. 6. Disable and Re-enable WordPress Plugins.

Still no luck repairing the “ WordPress keeps logging out ” issue? Not to stress, there are a couple of more things you can attempt. The next troubleshooting action is looking for a plugin dispute.


A plugin is an add-on that you have actually set up on your WordPress website. You might have sourced it from the Plugins area on your website or through the WordPress plugin directory site .


However, numerous plugins utilize cookies to operate on your website. They may activate the logging out issue if these cookies have actually ended.


Additionally, poorly-coded plugins might hinder your WordPress website. You ’ ll requirement to determine if any add-ons are triggering login or logout problems.


If you just have a couple of plugins , this will be a simple procedure. If you have numerous add-ons, this is going to take a while!


You can shut off plugins by heading to Plugins> Installed Plugins in your WordPress control panel.

. Accessing plugins from the WordPress control panel.

Tick package beside Plugin and gain access to the drop-down Bulk actions menu. Select Deactivate and after that Apply. This procedure will shut off all your plugins.

.  Deactivating plugins wholesale can aid with the

Now you ’ ll requirement to reactivate each plugin and testto figure out if it is the concern. You can do this by allowing them one at a time, logging back into your WordPress control panel, and examining to see if they set off the issue.


If you discover the offender, you ’ ll wish to erase it from your site. You might even wish to get in touch with the pertinent designer to let them understand their add-on is operating improperly.


However, expect the logging out issue avoids you "from accessing your Plugins control panel. Because case, you can finish the procedure with an SFTP customer. You ’ ll requirement to open up your site ’ s wp-content folder and look for Plugins.

.  Accessing the wp-content folder from an SFTP customer.

Deactivate all your plugins by relabeling the folder tosomething like “ plugins_old ”. You can browse back to your WordPress control panel and follow the manual procedure we explained in the past.


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. 7. Look For Theme Conflicts.

The next possibility is a poorly-coded style. WordPress has lots of premium styles offered.


However, as an open-source CMS, any designer can develop a style. “a poorly-coded one can slip through the fractures. It can then trigger problems on your website, such as the “ WordPress keeps logging out ” issue.


Every WordPress setup features the pre-installed Twenty Twenty-One style . You can rapidly and quickly inspect for a style dispute by reverting your website to this default alternative. You can identify if your previous option was triggering the logging out concern.


To change styles, go to Appearance> Themes in your WordPress control panel. You will then see your offered alternatives, consisting of the Twenty Twenty-One style.


However, if you erased this style, you can re-install it for this tutorial. Type the name into the search box and choose Twenty Twenty-One.

. Accessing styles from the WordPress control panel.

Mouse over the Twenty Twenty-One style and click the Activate box that appears.

.  Switching to the default Twenty Twenty-One style might aid with the

The website will now change to the Twenty Twenty-One style. If that repaired your issue, now log out and back into WordPress and see. If it does, you may wish to think of altering your style tosomething else.


To prevent setting up poorly-coded styles, you can check out the evaluations from other users. Simply go to the WordPress style directory site and look for the name of the style.


On the right-hand side, you ’ ll see the style ’ s star ranking, which will provide you a fast introduction of its appeal.

. " The star score for a WordPress style.

Now click the See all link on top to check out the evaluations.

.  Reviews for WordPress styles.

You need to likewise constantly monitor your Updates area in WordPress to see if your style has a brand-new variation offered. Doing this will make sure that you get all the current security updates and bug repairs. You can discover updates at the top of your left-hand sidebar.

.  Accessing updates in the WordPress control panel.

By setting up all updates and verifying the security of a style prior to you install it, you can prevent utilizing a poorly-coded choice.

. 8. Contact Your Hosting Provider.

By now, you ’ ve most likely found what was triggering your WordPress logging out issue. In the unlikely occasion that it is still occurring, you might require to call your web hosting supplier for help. The problem might be a domain or server misconfiguration.


If your hosting business is DreamHost, simply contact our consumer assistance group ! They will be more than delighted to assist you resolve the issue.


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. Repairing Other WordPress Problems.

If you ’ re encountering any other concerns with your WordPress website, we have a detailed list of repairing tutorials:

. How to Fix the “ Too Many Redirects ” WordPress Error How to Troubleshoot the WordPress White Screen of Death How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress How to Fix Syntax Errors in WordPress How to Fix the WordPress Not Sending Email Issue How to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection How to Fix WordPress Error 404 Not Found How to Fix White Text and Missing Buttons in WordPress Visual Editor How to Fix the Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress What to Do When You ’ re Locked Out of the WordPress Admin Area How to Fix “ Upload: Failed to Write File to Disk ” WordPress Error How to Fix the Missed Scheduled Post Error in WordPress How to Fix the Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress .

If you require more support, you can have a look at our WordPress tutorials . These skilled guides can assist you master your admin control panel in no time!


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. Conclusion.

The “ WordPress keeps logging out ” issue can be aggravating. As we ’ ve simply seen, you can utilize several troubleshooting techniques to fix the problem and determine.


By following the list we have actually supplied here, you can begin with the most simple possibilities and slowly work your method as much as the more lengthy ones. Clearing cookies and caches takes less than a minute. Separately inspecting plugins can consume up a lot of time.


Are you trying to find a WordPress host that can assist you out with any technical issues? At DreamHost, we have an assistance group that can stroll you through any website-related concerns. Take a look at among our — WordPress hosting plans today!


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